A Life Long Learning Mindset

The ‘job for life’ mentality is a thing of the past!

People no longer work for one company for their whole career, retiring after 50 years with a pension and a gold watch



Employers are less loyal than they used to be; retrenchments are common during recessions and the so-called monogamous role of an employee is rarely observed.

The cold hard facts are employees are finding it too “expensive” to be committed to one employer for years on end. Salary increases tend to hover around 3 per cent on average while moving to a new job might mean a significant pay increase. The result is that staying at the same place for long could cost workers thousands of rands with no real reward in terms of job security.


The growing trend is for workers to migrate from job to job over their career in search of greater fulfilment and compensation.


In the past, being a ‘job hopper’ was frowned upon, however, recent research reveals that, on average, employers feel it is acceptable for a candidate to change jobs three times in a five-year period.


It is no longer uncommon to change jobs, companies and even industries several times over the course of our working lives.